Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lupe Fans Petition His Label For Lasers

Is this gonna be Chicago's Detox?

The king of social network unrest, Lupe Fiasco has taken to Twitter to clear up his position on the issue of his label Atlantic Records not releasing Lasers, his follow-up effort to his 2007 sophomore release The Cool. Lupe expressed his frustration toward his label and possibly his fans last week while promoting In the Jaws Of the Lords Of Death, the first release from his side project Japanese Cartoon:

It is alleged that this tweet prompted Lupe Fiasco fan Stan Richard Derrick Barker to start a petition directed toward Atlantic called "The Release Of The Lasers Album Petition to Atlantic Records".**Supposedly Lupe Stan Richard Derrick Barker started another petition due to mad typos on the earlier one. However he shortly reversed that and encouraged continued signing of the initial petition due to 600+ signatures that were already collected at the time.** This is what Lupe had to say about the two-thousand-plus electronic signatures received so far:

Sound like an intelligent avenue to take for the release of an album, which is surprising in these days to see when labels are scrambling to find better ways to market and promote sales of records. I personally think this should be way more than enough to convince the label to take leverage of this opportunity for close to zero costs in publicity for a completed album by a well-received and acclaimed artist under their stable. We'll have to see if this even hold an iota of significance to the powers that be up at Atlantic.

Dear Craig, Lyor and Edgar: LET LASERS GO!!!

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