Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kanye's First Twitter Message: No "Good Ass Job"

Told y'all niggas 'Ye wasn't gonna keep that yag ass name on his next album. But noooooo, the Kanye Stans Dan!s was all on some "He said he was finna call it 'Good Ass Job' since The College Dropout and shit. Fuck you, CIFH!!!" To all y'all Dan!s that doubted ya man The Hate: Fuck you. Read it and weep, suckas! So all the bootleggers gotta switch it up, Kanye twenty steps ahead of you niggas now. Twitter and Facebook performances before the slaveowners label hears shit??? Damn. This nigga right here's a GENIUS!

Yeah, I'm a Dan! too. So the fuck what? The Resurrection of Yeezy comes September 14.


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