Monday, July 19, 2010

Producer Oh No Making Beats On Ipad's Korg App

 Image not from video. Sincerest thanks 2 Yotsuba&!

I saw this video online, thought it was cool, and posted it up to share with you haters. Simple and fair enough. FYI for gearheads: I actually have that Korg Electribe ESX1 groovebox under the bed presently serving as a dust magnet. Has the most wickedest sounds of my limited equipment collection thus far. It's small and yet has a hard metal body that's chromey in the back, steely in the front. Yeah I said it.

I am definitely anti-Apple on most things. Got the Ipod after the longest time. Eventually became a $400 paper weight/waste of money. I don't like macs, I'm a pc. So the Ipad is really fucking with my morals here. I hate what their products represent, yet what Oh No said kinda sums up what I was thinking was inevitable ever since I was tipped on ReBirth way, way back in the day: software is gonna kill the music industry. Let that marinate. I don't mean kill the artists or nothing, far from it. As a matter of fact, software has only expanded the horizons and opened up more aesthetic senses and sonic possibilities for artists, novice and fans alike.

However, the hardware industry is fucked. From CDs to MPCs, they're disposable arts like Masta Ace, in closets and under beds all across the world collecting dust and oxide. Just because they are too low in quality sound output to be so costly and unwieldy.

If you don't got any music instrument hardware yet, I don't suggest you do now because they're losing value like brand new cars off the showroom floor and out of the dealership parking lot. Unless you got the money to splurge on several numerous mid-range to professional equipment without putting a dent to your budget, then go all out my nigga. If you got the space for all that junk, make it your personal mission to turn your bedroom into the Hit Factory 2010 in the suburban Heartland of USA, just in microscale proportions. Be the envy of your musician friends, plus you'd be helping the economy, even.

Otherwise, if you just a virginal novice to this production landscape, explore your musical capabilities in a more frugal manner with the software versions like these Ipad app emulating all the hardware greats like the SP1200, MPC2000, and ESX1. Plus stock your laptop with production software staples like GarageBand, Reason and fruity loops FL Studio. Shit, we're in a recession. Save your money my nigga, torrent save your money.


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