Friday, July 16, 2010

Adele Is Getting A Lot Of Love Lately

It's been less than two years since Grammy® award-winning artist Adele released her debut album, 19, which features her very first song, "Hometown Glory", which she wrote at the tender age of 16 (...Amazing!). Yet who would've thought that same song would become as embraced by the Hip Hop community as it has, from artists and fans alike who have found inspiration from her simple yet powerful dedication to familiar surroundings and echoed memories of her childhood?

Here's Adele's "Hometown Glory" which has inspired many rappers of late.

I'm digging this right now. Yeah, I know a couple of other rappers who sampled the Adele track, but whoever did this beat flipped it the best IMO. Honest. Plus Arrogant spit the best over it. Pause.

And here are a few of the other rappers that flipped Adele's song that I know of:

There's lots more, trust me. Just hit up YouTube and you'll dig up a plethora of different beatmakers and rappers creating variations of this damn sample. Shout out to Noodles just for having so many dudes on your shit. Pause? Fuck it, you know what I'm saying.

Can't say that there's a bad one out of the bunch. Some actual visuals from a couple of them. Arrogant should consider it now that it's getting a few spins on Power 92.3FM Chicago. Look into that. I'm about to flip track 12 on 19 in fruity loops FL Studio in a minute.


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  1. I heard HomeTown on 92.3 & snapped! It HoT! I neva heard them mention the Artist so my ppls & I had 2 trak it down. It took a min. Ppls thought it was Rhymefest. Lol. I luv it. Pls keep keepin it Hot. Makin Chi Arrogant! Thx