Saturday, December 26, 2009

If He Had Tried That On A Plane Headed To Chicago, He'd Be Dead...

It's very unfortunate this happened, but also that he tried that on a plane headed for Detroit. Us midwesterners probably think we're sheltered from such terrorist attacks because we're isolated from the coasts. But we heard that even in details surrounding the 9/11 attacks that Sears Tower was a supposed target.

Obviously this kid was a fool and a misguided one at that. His father is part of a corrupted government in an emaciated and thieving nation in Africa. For all the father's efforts to groom the kid, all he has produced is a spoiled privileged arrogant ignoramus that pretty much fucked up the frame of mind that the world has towards Nigerians more worse than those 419 emails.

I mean, the boy lived a high life going to school in London, living in an upscale neighborhood, and decided to pledge his allegiance to Afghanistan, a nation that wouldn't shed blood for his own country. The boy is a traitor to Africa in general, and Nigeria in particular, fucking bastard.

God damned I wish they had thrown his ass off the plane in mid-flight! Now international travelers have to go through more scrutinizing and semi-legal searches, more carriage restrictions, and I got plenty of folks that are gonna feel it in the days to come.

Thanks a lot, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. I hope they give you lethal injection for all your effort.

via CNN


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