Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Arrived A Bit Early This Year Huh...

See, normally you would NEVER catch me reciting lines to songs I hear, especially no Chicago rap shit (I hate 'em). But there's hope for Hip Hop, and music in general, in 2010 written within these lines:

Lupe Fiasco - I'm Beaming

today, nobody cares,
but tomorrow, they will
today, nobody cares,
but oh tomorrow, they will

they said my future was dark, you see me now
just look around, i'm beaming
they used to talk, when i wasn't around (we are lasers)
you see me now, i'm beaming (we're not losers)

i get my energy, from my inner g
i be in outerspace, but i got inner peace
so tell my enemies, that they can't injure me
i know that irritates, you have my sympathies
well you should protest, yeah you should picket me
i'm on a losing strike, i'm on a winning streak
i'm out in left field, i'm speaking mentally
but that's a better place, than where the benches be
i'm feeling really good, me and my different beat
me and my different drummer, he play the tympanis
see that's what got me here you're hearing me,
me on my black man in the future shit,
call me willie d
see i'm just forward looking, that how i really see
see while you valentines, i'm thinking christmas trees
and that's how it should be, even at mickey d's
semicolon close parentheses

they said my future was dark, you see me now
just look around, i'm beaming
they used to talk, when i wasn't around
you see me now, i'm beaming
do you remember me? the guy from verse one?
failure's my last name, never's my first one
you see i hood a lot, and yeah i nerd some
hood's where the heart is, nerd's where the words from
don't represent either, because i merge them
it's kids who wanna leave, and i encourage them
go out and see the world, never return from
yeah you don't come back, unless you learn some
and baby girl, what does it matter where your purse from?
your hair done, your nails did, your ass phat, but you're dumb
mix melyssa ford, with maya angelou
become a top model, and sojourner too
i try to follow this, what muhammad do
it's such an old soul, inside this sonic view
it's why i'm ferrari'd up, and i'm conscious too
i don't prophesize, i promise you

they said my future was dark, you see me now
just look around, i'm beaming
they used to talk, when i wasn't around (lasers)
you see me now, i'm beaming (aha)

yeah it's me again, the guy from verse two
but it's the last one, it's almost curfew
it's almost night out, so turn your lights on
where all my 760s, with your brights on?
yeah they out of ones, to keep your eyes on
like how we used to do, to keep the house warm
now those the type of eyes, i'm not crying from
you see the tears of fire, run down my crying songs
now the world's shoulders, is what i'm crying on
the world's fast lane, is what i'm driving on
what am i driving at? i'm trying to drive it home
i'm in the driver's seat, but you can ride along
it's never cyclops, it's never i alone
i'm telling your story, wherever i perform
now if they looking for me, you tell them i've gone
out in the bright lights, right where i belong

they said my future was dark, you see me now
just look around, i'm beaming
they used to talk, when i wasn't around
you see me now, i'm beaming

Update: I was just about to hit that button before I read this message from Lupe via his blog:

To Whom It May Concern...

Posted by Lupe Fiasco
December 24, 2009
For The Record:
The track "I'm Beaming" that was leaked last night was NOT authorized or intentionally leaked by myself or my company.

Plain and simple its STOLEN property. And this goes for ANY record or track that leaks or is made available for illegal download from this day forward.

Actions are being taken and the authorities have been notified.
As a personal plea to all my fans PLEASE DO NOT share, stream, or download any unauthorized or stolen Lupe Fiasco music.
A lot of time and energy goes into the creation of this music, not to mention large sums of money, money provided by my record company as well as from my own personal finances. My music is the product of my life. It means so much to me. I take pride in it and i also take pride in how it changes peoples lives and gives them hope. So to see it treated in this manner really numbs the soul. So many of my family and friends rely on me for their well-being and I rely on my music to give me the opportunities that allow me to provide for them.
So this one i'm taking personal. And I will do ALL that is in my power and my circle of influence to make sure that the persons directly or even remotely responsible for this and any future events involving the piracy and illegal distribution and solicitation of my music will be brought to justice and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Both criminally as well as civilly.
With the history that surrounds the devastating and massive piracy of my first album i'm sure some of you can understand why this very harsh stance that is being taken up. And for those of you unsympathetic enough not to understand i can only compare it to someone breaking into your house and stealing everything not tied down or someone kidnapping you sister or brother and ransoming them back to you. A deep sense of helplessness. I hope you never have to feel this and i wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.
Happy Holidays...
Lupe Fiasco...Friend Of The People...

Good thing I didn't. But I have to give him props for the lyrics to this song. Hope he figures that shit out. His talents are greatly needed and from what I heard, I definitely look forward to BUYING his latest album when it comes out. When that actually arrives... meh.


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