Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lasers Is Finally Upon Us!


Right off the bat, I want to congratulate Mr. Jaco for fighting for his right not to get pimped by the system he became entangled with for so many years, with their nonchalant unwillingness to produce and release his album without getting more hands into his pockets. However futile the fight turned out to be in the end. 

Now let me really speak my piece. This is not the album Lupe intended for "Lasers" to be. It's too pop. The songs showcased are incongruent to his style and subject matter; they're just not his, he didn't own them. The ordeal alone of hearing him trying to conform to this sugar pop bullshit music was nauseating. I'm tempted to think that Wasalu felt the same way about it since he has repeatedly panned it since it leaked.

Nor has he really promoted it during his press tour efforts, which is the ultimate shame, really. Even if it is a bastard child product of rape by the music industry and its financial backers, why would you ever shit on your creation? Any success it receives from that point would be bittersweet. Yeah, the fans get what they've petitioned for, but is this what they necessarily wanted? Is this the sequel to "I'm Beaming" or "Shining Down"? Thank God that those tracks were packaged with the deluxe edition at least. But how can you be proud of what you deride and constantly put down? I think that is a bad stance to be upon your own creation. 

Now the suicide shit about not being on a Bruno Mars record (sorry B.o.B.)... that's not The Cool  even my business to talk on. 

Nevertheless, I will be picking this up at my nearest Best Buy.

Will it be listening to it when I get it? Nah. I already did (Thanks, Bootleggers!) and, yeah, nope.

I'll be listening to "Food and Liquor" and reminiscing, fantasizing on what "Lasers" could have been.


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